Harbhajan Mann is a living legend from Punjab, whose music hits everyone in and out. He Initiated his career with ‘Chithiya Ni Chithiya’ and paving his life’s journey with immense love and regard of loyal fan base in Punjabi music industry from all around the globe. Admist the ongoing controversies between punjabi singers and authorities, Harbhajan Mann has been honored by the Parliament of New Zealand. This is a proud moment of all the punjabis Also he is acknowledged for his socially appealing movies like ‘Mera Pind’,’Mitti Wajaan Mardi’.

During the event, among dignitaries Harbhajan Mann addressed them and shared his journey till now that how he started his life and achieved the success. He added that he will always strive to do the best for Punjabi music and his roots. Talking about the controversies of music industry, once he quoted “Unfortunately, today musicians pay more attention to the production of the song than on the melody and lyrics. This has, in turn, diminished the emotional appeal that Punjabi music had.”

It’s not first time that he has awarded for his graceful work, formerly he was also granted by Parliament of England for his ‘clean’ songs. People and fans from all across the globe remember him for his never-ending contribution to the Punjabi culture and ethnicity.