This time Rhythm Boyz Entertainment is unveiling content of their upcoming movie ‘Laiye Je Yaarian’ as few days before Poster was out and now it’s Trailer is released. This film is starring Amrinder Gill, Harish Verma, Roopi Gill and Rubina Bajwa which is directed by Sukh Sanghera who is doing debut in direction with the same. If we talk about Punjabi Music Videos, have you noticed that Trucks are used too much and sometimes then also when it is not required, this happens because of advertisements and on these things ‘Laiye Je Yaarian’ is depicted.

Released Trailer is giving some idea about the story which is written by Dheeraj Rattan, we have gathered that it will talk about the competitions in Transport Companies. Let us make it more clear, there are two Transport Companies from which one is handled by Garry Randhawa played by Amrinder Gill and other company is Raunak Transport whose owner is Roppi Gill. Amrinder and Roopi’s fathers were partners but with times, Roopi’s family has fallen down and now she want to make her business better again. For this she appointed a new manager who is none other than Harish Verma. But on other side Amrinder have also given one offer to Harish. Now lets see with whom Harish Verma will work. These things will be revealed after the release of film.

Rubina Bajwa, Sajjan Adeeb and Amberdeep Singh are also seen in the trailer and it seems like there is going to a love triangle between Harish Verma, Roopi Gil and Rubina Bajwa. Amberdeep Singh is once again impressive with his amazing dialogue delivery which creates comedy. Laiye Je Yaarian is releasing in India on 5th June and on 7th June overseas. We hope this team will continue the league and will keep on revealing more about the film.