As we all know that usually punjabi celebrities hide about their families, kids & partners but on the other hand there is one punjabi artist who never did anything like this rather he always say about his family and kids, here we are talking about ‘Gippy Grewal’ and his film ‘Ardaas Karaan’ is all set to release on silver screens in fact we will witness not only one but two male members of Grewal family including son of Gippy named ‘Shinda’. 

We know that Gippy Grewal always mentions about his family openly and we also know that he has given religious and good teachings to both his sons. Recently, in conversation with DAAH Films he has told us about his sons, as names of his sons are ‘Gurfateh Singh & Ekonkar Singh’. While the question was asked that why he has chosen those names for his kids he answered that with a meaningful one ‘Kids usually cut their names short so I really want them to give good names so that they cannot short those names in future’. He is right, isn’t it? because names of today’s generation has not even have meanings so Gippy Grewal took that step and gave them religious and proper names. 

Furthermore, while talking about the teachings and upbringing of both the boys he mentioned that ‘We have always took care about the basic things as me and my wife always focus on their punjabi and they are very much indulge into religious things in fact they do ‘Path’ more than me because my wife is a daily worshipper of god and she usually visit Gurudwara Sahib everyday and maybe thats why upbringing of our kids is different and pious. Moreover, if my wife didn’t ask me to do the film ‘Ardaas’ so it wouldn’t be possible for me to make that film’. After listening to this answer we can say that Gippy and his family are full of gems and punjabi industry is proud of them because supporting wife and supporting family is the basic need of any person whether he’s celebrity or not.

In addition, we really hope that people would learn something from him and may this film will give us best teachings of life. Gippy is himself the director and writer of the film and let’s see what this film would give us on 19th July’19.