National film awards, the most honorable award in Indian cinema is not an easy assignment. After completing nearly 25 days of movie viewing and 2 days of deliberations and citation writing, the awards were announced in a press conference this year by jury for National Film awards. Harjeeta is one of those movie who not even qualified it but also bagged success by achieving best film award in punjabi industry. 

This jury for national award comprises of filmmakers, critics and academicians from different states, who sat down to watch films consciously and to qualify a movie for award they have to follow some steps, where first step is nomination. The filmmakers of different movies have to nominate themselves for the award, they need to fill a form and apply to the Directorate of Film Festivals before a given deadline.  Therefore, many films usually miss the chance of award because of their inattentiveness towards filling the form. 

In the second step, the films are divided into four regions, viz. South, East, North, West where each region has its own independent panel headed by a chairperson from another region which comprises of 5 members each. Each panel selects their best entries and forwards it to the central panel. The films that are not forwarded to the Central Panel do not win any award. Further, this year central panel was headed by Mr. Rahul Rawail and the panel also comprises of 11 members that includes the chairpersons of all the regional panels too. 

In 66th national film awards, a total of 419 entries were received and after selection/rejection process in the regional panels, the central panel previewed 88 films. In these 88 films, Harjeeta is the one who set its place after fulfilling the requirements which were provided in the list of the central panel. After watching all the films, central panel began their deliberations for total of 45 awards ranging from creative to technical. The awards were served to the best professionals from the fields of makeup, costumes, choreography, music, VFX, action, production design. Therefore, no one but the jury is qualified to argue about these awards because the jury watches all the films and the best of the best usually wins. So, we can say that Harjeeta has gone through a lot and set it’s place as a National Award Winner.