Khatre Da Ghuggu movie is postponed now, it was before releasing on January 10 and now it’s releasing on January 17. This movie has leads Jordan Sandhu and Diljott. Khatre Da Ghuggu movie is produced by Amanta Films which is directed by Shivtar Shiv and Aman Cheema.

Alongside Jordan & Diljott there are many other known faces of Pollywood like B.N. Sharma, Nitu Pandher, Parkash Gadhu, Anita Shabdeesh , Vijay Tandon, Jashanjit Gosha, Rajwinder Samrala, Ashwani Bharwaj, Dilawar Sidhu, Satwinder Kaur, Ravinder Mand and Robby Atwal.

This year is bagged with many movies by it’s end also. Lets see how this movie will increase the level of Pollywood in new year. Note down the new release date which is January 17.