A few days ago, the poster of the film ‘Qismat’ was released and we could not help but wait for this adorable couple coming together in a romantic comedy. The poster depicted Ammy and Sargun as a fun couple and the poster alone was enough to give their fans some amiable vibes about their relationship in this movie.

And on August 24, Sargun Mehta and Ammy Virk shared the poster of their first song ‘Kaun Hoyega’ on their social media.

The song got released today and from what we gather from it, it seems like the movie will instead show them in a love-hate relationship. The song ‘Kaun Hoyega’ has been written and composed by Jaani and sung by B Praak and Divya Bhatt. B Praak will again mesmerise and make us teary-eyed with his voice and even Divya Bhatt has done justice with giving the song its sense of desire and desperation. The video of the song features Ammy and Sargun in a silent and unresolved fight, which ends up in both of them parting ways from each other.

Drenching in rain at a railway station, the lovers bid adieu to each other on a cold note, and this scene is followed by some memories of the good old times they might have had shared in the past. Instead of the trailer or the teaser of the film, this sad song has been released first and it seems to have shattered our notions about this film being a romantic comedy.

The song is so beautiful in its portrayal that it does not seem like it is Jagdeep Sidhu’s directorial debut. With the beauty of this song, Jagdeep Sidhu has indeed raised the standards. Sargun and Ammy have already been appreciated for the song ‘Qismat’, a brokenhearted song of betrayal and loss. Well, even this song ‘Kaun Hoyega’ gives us reminiscences of ‘Qismat’.

The movie releases on September 21 and we hope destiny will bring Sargun and Ammy together in this film.