Sometimes films after going through pre-production and production steps arrested in post production. Similarly a punjabi film ‘Kaum De Heere’ after film completion arrested in legal matters because film allegedly glorifies assassination of Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by Satwant Singh, Beant Singh and Kehar Singh. Now, the Delhi High Court on Tuesday restored screening Certificate of the movie.

The punjabi movie was supposed to release in August 2014 after initially granted ‘A’ certification and keeping aside Central Board of Film Certification’s (CBFC) decision of withdrawing movie from public screening. Further, movie was barred from release in India by the government with excuse that it may cause law and order situation in the country then movie’s producer, Sai Cine Productions, had challenged CBFC’S August 2014 and Film Certification Appellate Tribunal’s October 2014 orders by which the film’s certification was withdrawn and stated that “they had no factual or legal basis for withdrawal of certificate after granting it”. He claimed that certification was issued by the CBFC after the revising committee had viewed the feature film on two occasions and he also submitted that there was no provision in the Act which empowered the chairperson to override the decision of the revising committee with a certificate that stated featured film did not violate any guidelines and withdrawal of certification was violative of Article 19 (1)(a) of the Constitution of India.

Considering Supreme Court verdict, Justice Vibhu Bakhru said once an expert body has considered the impact of a film on the public and has cleared the film, it is no excuse to say that there may be a law and order situation. She added “The reliance placed by the respondents upon Section 6(1) of the Cinematograph Act, is wholly misplaced. First of all, the said provision to the extent that it enables the Central government to exercise revisional powers in respect of the decisions rendered by CBFC, has been held to be unconstitutional. Second, even if Section 6(1) of the Act was operative, the respondents had not followed the procedure as contemplated therein. The petitioner was not granted any opportunity to represent its views before the direction was issued,” the high court said.

Furthermore talking about the movie. it is a Punjabi movie based on the lives of Satwant Singh, Kehar Singh and Beant Singh  who assassinated Indira Gandhi in which StarCast is Raj Kakra as Beant Singh, Sukhdeep Sukh as Satwant Singh, Isha Sharma as Surinder Kaur and Sardar Sohi as Kehar Singh. the movie will be released under the banner of Sai Cine Productions and was written and directed by Ravinder Ravi.

Now what we have to see that how the film based on the lives of Satwant Singh, Kehar Singh and Beant Singh ‘Kaum De Heere’ will explains the assassination of Indira Gandhi at her New Delhi residence on October 31, 1984, to avenge Operation Bluestar, the military operation carried out by the army on Akal Takht in Amritsar.