Mar Gaye Oye Loko’ will hit the screens on August 31 and the whole cast of the film is extremely excited about the film. In a recent interview with Gippy Grewal, he shared with us his experiences about the movie. Gippy, who has also written the screenplay of the movie, undergoes an unfortunate tryst with destiny, wherein he is taken abode by the Yamdoot whereas it was not yet his turn to reach the heaven. For this sole reason, Gippy says that Karamjit Anmol, who plays the character of Yamdoot in the film spoiled his life, making him part with the love of his life and taking him away despite the fact that he still had 60 years left on earth.

Sharing some snippets and memories from the movie, Gippy told us that the atmosphere on the set would always be very jovial and funny. You’d never know when a ghost or a witch would be standing beside you.

Talking of his experience about writing the film, he said that it was imagination alone that helped him write the story, from angels and witches, ghosts and Yamdoots, their language and their behaviour, all was a part of his imagination and he actually never believed in the reality of such things.

At the end, Gippy also said that it is a very beautiful and light-hearted family entertainment film, which will make the audience laugh till their last breath.