Last year Punjabi singer Jayy Randhawa was supposed to make his debut in the world of acting with the project ‘Sukha Kahlon’, which was based on the true life story of Punjabi gangster, but the same didn’t happen. However, now with a new title and few changes in the cast, Jayy Randhawa’s debut Punjabi movie is all set to hit the big screens.

Based on the story of one of the most dangerous gangster of Punjab, Sukha Kahlon, the punjabi movie is high on action. because trailer gives an good idea of it. It also gave a glimpse of Sukha’s love life, but it was mostly about the journey of an ordinary man turning into a sharp shooter.

Generally, artists chose a light-hearted film when starting their career, Jayy selected a gangster based movie. However, the way he has picked up the essence of the character, one is bound to say that Jayy made the right decision and more can be said about the same once this movie hits the big screens on February 21st, 2020.

Further, The movie was initially titled ‘Sukha Kahlon’, but then due to some controversies the makers changed the name to ‘Shooter’. Also, They have changed the name of the lead character to avoid any further controversy.