A human body is nothing without it’s backbone. Similarly anything that stands still is just because of it’s backbone and that support gives a way to reach heights and achieve success.Likewise, Punjabi industry has it’s backbone in the name of Jarnail Singh who is serving Punjabi Industry from more then 23 years.

Jarnail Singh who worked as Spine of this body of Punjabi industry had started his career as a crowd artist in Train to Pakistan in 1996 and from there he never looked back and achieved success till Bollywood. He is famous from his work in ’Sajjan Singh Rangroot’ as Bomb Chacha that work of his blessed him with so much of name and fame. Moreover, he had worked as a model in more then 800 religious characters. This is not it as now he has paved his path as Line Producer too and worked in many movies namely Qismat, Nikka Zaildar Series, challenge era Putt,Virasat, etc. 

We expect that Jarnail Singh will serve like this and entertain all of us with his work as a actor and line producer. Further, he is also an inspiration for so many as from basic roots of doing work of herdsman to be the backbone of Punjabi Industry he gave so much to learn.