Love is what where everyone for a while at least but ready to do anything for their beloved because that time zest is at peak. With this same zest new song ‘Gold Platinum’ of ‘Unni Ikki’ is released in which the same is happening with Jagjeet Sandhu as he is trying his best to convince Sawan Rupowali.

‘Gold platinum’ is released under the label of Geet MP3 in which lyrics are penned by Manjinder Brar and voice is given by Jordan Sandhu and Gurlez Akhtar. Also, lyrics are penned in relation to the basic concept where Jagjeet do too many ‘Unni Ikki’ to arrange his marriage to his beloved Sawan.

Talking about the video , Jagjeet and Sawan are wandering here and there in college campus where Jagjeet is promising that he will fulfil all her desires that she will ask for.  Moreover this song is different from the last released song of this movie ‘Meherbaan’ as in that song both are living in the air of their new love. 

Now what we have to see that is Jagjeet is able to arrange his marriage with his beloved Sawan by convincing her family and also by escaping her from Karamjit Anmol on 11th October’19.