The trailer of ‘Do Dooni Panj’ is already much liked by folks and now this new track has more than 11 million views.

It was already a sensation in all when people heard movie is made under APRA films owned by Badshah and Amrit Maan is in lead. All eyes were already dreaming that when this duo will come up together in singing. Badshah answered all curious minds with his first outcome from the movie the duo is seen with Isha Rikhi. The LED Tron Dance is different and new experimentation in Punjabi industry. This new experiment is well seen in Bollywood but is new in Pollywood and it is much liked by folks. As till now, we heard loud and bindass Amrit Maan but in this video we saw his different angel. In this video along with experimentation, commercial angel is also focused and entirely different treatment is given to the video. Moreover all these things are well digested by folks and they like the video.

The lyrics are done by the duo that is Badshah and Amrit Maan and they have also beautifully sung the song. Undoubtedly, Badshah has focused on both the music and singing, he has tried that singing part is not overlapped with beats. The trailer hyped the movie quiet earlier and was liked by many and this song has increased the curious levels, which will only have full stop once the movie is released on 11th January 2019.