Pre-Teaser of Gippy Grewal’s upcoming movie ‘Manje Bistre 2’ released on 6th November, 2018 which is giving the idea about the story of the movie. But is this really a teaser ? Oh ! rather its a Pre- Teaser ! Isn’t it seems like the full trailer as the length of this Pre-Teaser is 3 minutes 10 seconds. Trailers are edited of this length and teasers are expected to be around 1 minute and if we talk about the length of Pre-Teaser it must be around 30-45 seconds. This way it’s too lengthy. Except the fact that its lengthy, the length should deliver something meaningful but it is failed to do that also.

The Pre-Teaser has one full scene in which Gurmeet Saajan is roaming around a village finding the citizens of that village but he couldn’t find anyone over there as most of the villagers are settled in Canada. In the village, there are left only locks on the doors and on the other side Gippy Grewal is seen collecting Manje Bistre in Canada. What are they trying to portray ? This is difficult to grab and hard to understand that how is this possible in canada ? Why they collecting Manje Bistre in canada ? These points are making this Pre-Teaser not impressive at all.

This movie is a sequel to 2017 released movie ‘Manje Bistre’ which was a superhit comedy flick. The sequel should increase the level of brand name but this released Pre-Teaser is not upto the mark, if we see the success of Manje Bistre movie. In this sequel, Simi Chahal replaced Sonam Bajwa and she will be seen opposite to Gippy Grewal. Baljit Singh Deo has directed this movie which is under Humble Motion Pictures. There last released movie ‘Mar Gaye Oye Loko’ was not very good in terms of comedy and now with this project they are working too speedy as the movie is slated to release on April 12, 2019 and the Pre-Teaser is released 5 months before the release. These things are making the meaning and quality of the project very low. Now wait is to watch the teaser, trailer and the movie to understand that what are they trying to deliver.