Booooo Mai Dargi.. This is the new title of punjabi movie which has commenced it’s first chapter as the shooting of the film is started. This title is very unique but these words are said a quite commonly because whenever someone is scared of something, automatically this comes on tongue ‘Mai Dargi’ . Film Makers have taken these words and made a story on it which is starring Roshan Prince and Isha Rikhi.

This film was announced few months before and now it has started with the shoot part as Isha Rikhi shared a picture with the clap from the sets of ‘Booooo Mai Dargi’. Her picture is really cute and her expressions are indicating that she is scared. Shooting of the film is being done in nearby areas of Chandigarh. The story plot of the film is Horror-Comedy which is being tried in Punjabi Cinema for the first time. Story is written by Raju Verma and film is shot under the direction of Manjeet Singh Tony.

New concepts and subjects are bought in Pollywood these days and audience is also accepting them. Lets see what this upcoming movie will present in front of us. Next Image Entertainment has presented this film which is not given any release date yet but we hope they will announce it soon.