An exclusive and something out of the box is about to come our way by Friday Russh Motion Pictures.  Uda Aida will show us the mirror of life. Makers are not only depicting the importance of education and need of growing with our heritage but it is also giving a strong message. Yeah, movie will not only highlight the emotions of parents to give their child the best but also how children unintentionally hurt them, but still parents love their kids whole-heartedly.

Really, if we look back we all will realize that how our parents did everything for our happiness, when we use to turn late home in evening our parents keep awaiting? We know many more stories you all must recollect. The title track used in the trailer is touching hearts and folks are connecting this trailer with their lives and are badly waiting for release. Our young generation is not only having clearer view of the emotions and feelings of our elderly but also the true love, pain and struggle of their parents to give them the best. The trailer itself not only raises love and respect bars in lives of our youngsters but has also set a milestone for all to follow. If all this is served in the trailer itself how fabulous will be the full movie.

‘UDA AIDA’ movie will give Punjabi industry a new couple Neeru Bajwa and Tarsem Jassar. The duo for the first time will together knock silver screen on 1st February 2019. The couple will lead ‘Uda Aida’. The other star casts who will be viewed in key roles are B.N Sharma, Gurpreet Ghugi and Karamjit Anmol. This movie is made under the banner of Friday Russh Motion Pictures and two new production companies ‘Naresh Kathooria Films and Kshhitij Chaudhary Films’. Naresh Kathooria penned this comedy-drama and flick is directed by Kshhitij chaudhary. Trailer has made Butterflies going in our stomachs although date is near but what to do we have to wait for 1st February.