We have always witnessed that singers are targeting each other in a way or other and this is nothing new. We can count various names who keep on taunting each other with their music and lyrics like Sidhu Moose Aala & Karan Auja, Elly Mangat & Singga and many more. Recently, one more song ’36’ got released, sung by Sukshinder Shinda under his own official youtube channel, lyrics to this song is given by ‘Balvir Boparai’ and after listening to the song, we can easily guess that this song is not just a song but a note to other singers. But who?

Talking about Sukshinder Shinda, he is a renowned record producer and singer-songwriter and won various awards. Recently, he has released a song named ‘Thirty Six’ and lyrics of this song are so relatable as the main line of the song is ‘Kise auna ni shadaun kutt paindi ton, video banunn wale 36 aunge’, somehow these lines are true because this is actually the scenario of today’s world. People are much into their gadgets and in fact they even capture every story which happens in their surrounding as people are not into helping rather they create hype by encouraging others. Whole song is about this only and he used various lines which anyone can relate in their day to day life.

Moreover, in the middle of the song he mentioned something really true ‘Kade sunn laiye Gana surr wale da, sangh parh parh gaunn wale 36 aunnge’ and this is somewhere right. While considering today’s time, we can say that every one is singer now because every one is singing and making song video and getting fandom from that. Singing needs practice and devotion but people who know nothing about singing are calling themselves singers and having fan following in millions. Sukshinder has sung this really well but for whom? Is he targeting anyone? This song is dedicated to any singer? These questions has raised after listening to the song because lyrics of the song is totally matching scenario of punjabi industry. Well, these answers can only be revealed by Shinda only. Till then, we hope that we get to listen good music.