He is one such artist who rules over the hearts. And the name is none other than the Sidhu Moosewala. Within the short span of time, the singer earned enormous fans. The one undented truth, which we all will agree that Punjabi songs are well known for promoting arms, fights gangs, and alcohol. Sad but true is that the creators are continuously making such songs and the audiences are accepting them too. One more fact that past some time singers are also saying that people love bad content and that’s in demand, which also stands true to some extent. But this doesn’t let us forget folks follow their idols, such things that ruin our surroundings we have to stop them.

Celebrities are our role models and folks portray them in their life too celebs should act responsibly. Not everyone who is a celebrity realizes this fact. Surely, Sidhu Moosewala is far away from this consciousness. Sidhu remains in news either for his top hits or for his frank answers. Lately his video that is in news on the internet shows Moosewala playing with a rifle, sitting with his friends, it was seen that Moosewala was exhibiting ammunition. In this video he and his friends were enjoying, singing songs but were also showcasing weapons which was simply awful.

Few days back schoolboy shot his principle. The boy even posted his video of lip-syncing Mankirt Aulakh’s Badnam. Such videos do affect the psychology of youngsters moreover such violent trend in our Punjabi music. In such scenario if certain viral videos will come where will it take our youth? And what message will be delivered in the country?