Many a times we do hear that ‘Bold Is Beautiful’. In simple words it means someone not hesitating. To be bold and sharing hot pictures has been in trend for our celebrities. If we peep in Bollywood industry this practice is so very in trend that our list goes endless. Bold and hot looks are shared by celebrities and they have huge fan following even then it goes in trend. We all know the fact people follow celebrities with full craze.

Now at the same time when in Bollywood, this goes in trend but if we see into Pollywood, there are only few names who are not hesitating for such experiments. Sonam Bajwa, Mahi Gill, Surveen Chawla, Mandy Takhar are few names who have broken this monotony. Are we still conservative enough to accept? Still a question remains. These actresses have shown their acting skills in many flicks and are putting their lives their way. They also set an example for all by standing erect on their thoughts. This is our mindset that we are still not ready to take this or just an illusion? If we see in contrast of MEETOO movement there also only one girl who showed courage, came ahead who shared her Incidence with us but she also denied to be focused. Now this is because of still our conservative thought or what is this? Its todays biggest question.

Celebrities are role model for many, Is this the reason for actors to be less experimental? They pursue large fan following. They fear that bold pictures might disturb their image both in industry and between audiences? Is this the demand or our industry has to still grow in such mood? Or our audience still has to be more open? Do we need to give more space to our celebrities? Such never-ending questions will keep on rising till we get a concrete answer to our quest. The real scenario has many folds, which will be revealed with time.