Punjabi cinema is all about different content movies as various movies are getting released one after another and one more such movie is going to release on 10th May’19 titled ’15 Lakh Kadon Aauga’ and we can say that team of the movie is very confident including the producers.

The title itself is a statement made by our honourable Prime Minister before 2014 elections and this title is inspired by that statement only but here is a thing, this movie is not totally dependent upon that political statement as this movie is a satire and story is focused on the people of our country who easily get influenced by Babba, Saint and in fact the other people. Furthermore, Producer of the movie ‘Rrupali Gupta’ from Friday Russh Motion Pictures stated that this movie is nothing but a mean of entertainment and it will give us a good message. She further explained that this is not a targeted movie or not completely related to any political statement and in fact, people will die laughing after watching this movie in the theatres.

In addition, when she was asked about her involvement in the movie other than production, she said that ‘She always get herself involved in every element of the movie from starcast, script to even costume designing and she mentioned that she has full faith in her product because she always wanted someone for the movie to whom people can connect & Ravinder Grewal was her first choice’. This kind of confidence is highly appreciable because confident team always leads us to good product. Forever, there are few female producers in punjabi cinema and Rrupali Gupta is one of them, in fact she has always given us various hit films like ‘Mr & Mrs 420 returns’, ‘Uda Aida’ and many more. We hope that this film would live upto the expectation of people and this movie is going to release on 10th May’19.