Our punjabi singers are busy in giving songs one after another but sometimes they give such songs which are only mistakes because their fans always expect a lot from them. Similarly, one song of Garry Sandhu & Kaur B was released few days back but fans of Garry were not at all happy with the video of the song but now he has refixed the video of the song and changed various elements including singer.

Earlier, viewers complained about the brightness and various technical aspects of the video as audio of the song was released earlier & much appreciated by the listeners and Garry Sandhu had promised their fans to fix this issue as he has now uploaded the refix version of this song but he has changes various things even the singer too. Yes! You heard right as this song was sung by Garry & KaurB but now this re-fix version is sung by Garry & Afsana Khan. Here the questions arises, Is there any problem between Garry & Kaur B? Why he has replaced her with Afsana? We don’t know the answers but one thing we know for sure is Kaur B fans are not really happy with this and they are even commenting on the new video of the song.

We’ve earlier told you all regarding the mistakes of previous ‘Doabey Wala’ video like usage of ‘Introducing Garry Sandhu’ but in this video, these kind of mistakes have re-fixed and this video is far better than the previous one. Maybe Garry got influenced by the words and articles on his songs. Hopefully, Garry Fans are happy after the refixation of video but on the other hand, Kaur B fans must be little shocked and disappointed.