The kind of appreciation the song ‘Qismat’ attained was extremely huge and now the upcoming movie by the same name is also ready to hit the screens. In an exclusive interview with the lead and one of the most loved pairs of Pollywood, Sargun Mehta and Ammy Virk, we talked about a number of things from their on-screen chemistry to their belief in qismat.

Regarding how he ended up getting a role in this film, Ammy told that he was narrated the story of the film at the success party of their song ‘Qismat’ which was released in 2017. On Ammy’s suggestion, writer and director Jagdeep Sidhu narrated the story to Sargun and both of them were finalised for the respective parts in the movie.

Talking about their chemistry, the duo has earlier portrayed a very saddening on-screen chemistry but their off-screen chemistry is charming as well. Whether or not they believe in Qismat, Ammy replied that he does believe in destiny and one needs to do well in order to achieve what’s written in their destiny. Sargun also had the similar view point and views destiny as something that we write for ourselves.

Ammy Virk has also been cast in a Bollywood movie titled ‘Biopic 83’, directed by Kabir Khan. Starring Ranveer Singh in the lead, the movie is based on the life of Kapil Dev. Ammy has been cast on the basis of his role in ‘Harjeeta’ and will be portraying Test cricketer Balwinder Sandhu.

‘Qismat’ is a romantic comedy and the song ‘Kaun Hoyega’ has already been a hit. According to Sargun Mehta, the script of this film is entirely different and that is the sole reason she chose to do it.

‘Qismat’ releases on September 21.