The ‘Kaali Hummer’ singer Manindar Buttar has brought another song ‘Ik Ik Pal‘ for his fans which will surely make them sorrowful. It is a song about love, betrayal and its repercussions. He had shared the first look of the song on his Instagram quite some time ago and he admitted that it has been long since he has brought a song and well, the song is out now!

Produced under the label of White Hill Music, the lyrics of the ‘Ik Ik Pal’ are written by Deepa Bandala. The video has been directed by Sukh Sanghera. It is produced by Gunbir Singh Sidhu and Manmord Sidhu

Apart from the song itself, the location of the song will take you to far-away lands amidst the mountains and in solitude. The love between the couple has been portrayed in a flash back. The betrayal of the beloved shatters the lover’s life and unfortunately he meets with an accident.

The lyrics and the music of the song are quite appealing and will strike the heart’s chords and make one ponder over heartbreak and relationships.

His last song ‘Kaali Hummer’ was a hit amongst his fans and gained millions of views on YouTube as well.

Manindar Buttar’s voice is doing justice to the lyrics of ‘Ik Ik Pal‘ and we hope he will continue giving us more such songs.