If you’re searching for the whole package of singing, modelling and acting so your search can end up to a single name “HIMANSHI KHURANA”.

Himanshi Khurana is in limelight for various reasons nowadays ; whether it’s her weight or her song ‘I Like It’. Recently her latest release was ‘I Like It’, which was’nt really preferred by the folks and it didn’t live upto the expectations of her viewers and followers because the bar which was set by her last song ‘High Standard’ was much higher and her latest song ‘I Like It’ couldn’t match that.

Do you really think this is the only reason of her limelight? No, rather people commented about her weight and body shamed her because of her looks in the song. This scenario forced her to revert back to her haters and bodyshamers with her recent post on Instagram “when ppl talk shit about ur weight heres the answer……… next video will be out soon _______”. 

By this, she made her part clear that she’s not the kind of girl who watch bad comments about her and tolerate them silently. Rather, she worked on herself so that no on can ever dare to put fingers on her weight and then she flaunt this fact in her post.

We can guess by this post that ‘Himanshi Khurana’ is all set give jaw dropping answers to the bodyshamers in her upcoming video. She recently posted a poster of her next video ‘GTR’ by singer ‘SHABAD’. We hope that this would probably the poster of the song, which she mentioned in her last post.

All we can do is to wait for her next video and hope that she would live upto her words because she already left her viewers in suspense after posting such surprising photo with a double surprising caption.