Love is natural and exploring your life with the love of your life is more beautiful and delightful. One artist of our industry who herself is the beat of music industry is sharing about her beat of life in the biggest reality show of India, Bigg Boss. Yes! I am talking about Himanshi Khurana who is surviving in the Bigg Boss house from a while.

The love life of Himanshi Khurana is not much in lime light but she never refused that she is not in relationship, always she accepted that she is dating someone. She never gave any details about him but recently in the show she discussed about him and described that she has been in relationship from last 9 years. Also, like generally every lover keep nick names of their beloved out of love she calls him ‘Chow’.

Further, in Bigg Boss house where she is living these days has seen some fascination of Aseem towards Himanshi but she don’t cares about him and openly accepted her love and seen showing the picture of the love of her life. Now what will happen will she got inclined towards Aseem or her love will sustain all test.