Punjabi cinema is almost raining with films because every artist is announcing their films officially or unofficially with in no time. Similarly, one two more renowned named has announced their collaboration for their upcoming romantic film and these artists are Gurnam Bhullar & Sukh Sanghera. 

Yes! These artists are hanging out together nowadays and recently Sukh Sanghera has posted a Instagram story in which Gurnam Bhullar & Sukh Sanghera were conversating regarding their upcoming film project. As we all know that Sukh Sanghera is CEO of 10+1 creations ltd and Gurnam asked for collaboration in which he mentioned that ‘10+1 + G’ means Sukh Sanghera productions plus Gurnam Bhullar productions. Isn’t this shocking? Very Much! They both even added that very soon they will be coming with the most romantic film. 

Furthermore, their funny tone in this video tells us that maybe they are kidding about this film or both the artist are joking. We don’t know whether these artist are serious or not but one thing we know is Sukh Sanghera is coming up with his directorial debut film ‘Laiye Je Yaaria’ and this film will be released on June 7 under the banner of Rhythm Boyz Entertainment.