Hostel, second home to many where they resides.. no they live the most beautiful and memorable time of their life may be that life that no one could ever think to happen again . There we met the people who become just like our families.. no our families because there we shared each and every bit of our life either it is about our personal life or professional life. Also hostel is a place that is the proof of the most beautiful essence of the life. yes! love , it is the place where our friends cum family witness the up and down of our love life. Then here comes an another most important element of hostel.. alcohol which adds more joy to that most beautiful time.

With this concept ‘Hostel’ Song of Sharry Mann was released in 2017 which explains the life of a hostler in a well executed way. The whole song revolves around that give me a day of my hostel life back. Even the video of the song was completely justifying the life of a hostler where all the aspects are covered to every extent. 

Now it is expected that again Sharry mann is coming back with ‘Hostel 2’ as Jassi Lohka has shared it on his social media handle that clears this with the similar concept they are coming back as he shared a picture in which Sharry mann is seating with his friend circle in a university campus along with the trolley bags that usually hostlers carry. 

Now what they will serve, how deep they will connect the hostelers and give them reason to revive their memories as expectations are very high from him after ‘Hostel’.