Garry Sandhu is my God! Watch DAAH Films exclusive interview with G Khan


Pollywood romantic songs made another add on G Khan’s latest release, ‘Gora Rang’! After watching the video of the song, you will definitely going to feel those colourful butterflies in your stomach. Moreover, the song’s video is something unique as it is featuring Garry Sandhu and Upma Sharma.

The song is sung by G Khan, and DAAH Films bring you the exclusive interview of G Khan, who shares about his lovely experience regarding the song. Whereas, Khan also shares his huge bonding with star Garry Sandhu and all the how nows it took to him to ask Garry to feature in his song.

The song tells the tale of a girl who secretly admires the guy, who is Garry. But, seems that Garry never notices, until she herself approaches him with a ring, and then it is ‘La la la..’ moments.

The music of the song is given by AR Deep and the song has been penned by Ricky Khan. The song is produced by Fresh  Media Records, which is the music production company of none other than Garry Sandhu. Meanwhile, the song ‘Gora Rang’ is getting to much love from the audience and trending number 4 on YouTube.

Gora Rang is a smooth song, which is too way romantic to impress our Punjabi lovers.