Social media is a place which is making everyone famous now and it is also used as a medium to connect with each other. Similarly, people are getting famous day by day through social media or we can say that people are making each other popular while putting stories of each other. Recently, Garry Sandhu has posted a story in which he’s asking number of a guy who is singing ‘Man Bhareya’ melodiously. 

Yes! he is asking number of a sweeper who is singing song and has a very good voice. Garry Sandhu has captioned that video with ‘Kisey kol esda number haiga?’ Now why he is asking for number of that guy, we don’t know but we can predict that maybe he’s impressed with his voice and singing or maybe he will help him in building his career in music industry because we have seen this many times when celebrities try to promote roadside talent and make them a star overnight. 

Now, what is the real matter and reason for asking the number of a sweeper this can only be revealed by Garry Sandhu himself. We hope that Garry Sandhu could find him and change his life.