Garry Sandhu is being talk of the town because he is ‘Doabey Wala’. Not justified ? Let us do that, this is because of his recent released track ‘Doabey Wala’ which is on everyone’s hit list today. The official video of the song is out but it is not really upto the mark as the audio of this song was already hit which automatically increased the expectations from the video. The first thing which is not understood is that in the very starting to this song’s video, it is written ‘Introducing Garry Sandhu’, do Garry really needs a introduction? Or this is for what purpose? We don’t get it but anyways moving forward to more of it. After carrying amazing lyrics and music, the video is not really presented that well.

Looking deep into the meaning of video, it looks like very messy as no exact meaning of anything is portrayed. If we have to explain it in a simple way ‘Lagda Jive Khichdi Hove’. Other than this Garry Sandhu & Kaur B have carried this song in a very impressive way and their collaborations is making us spellbound as they both have done a great job and their combination is firing. Duet of this kind are much awaited by the audience and when it’s Garry, then something new is must. And that new is ‘Dj Goddess’ who is introduced in the video of song.

This outstanding song could be depicted in a better way as Garry & Kaur B are the essential part of it who have given their best with magficient voices. Also they can use some different ideas for the shoot like shooting in the areas of Doaba but the locations are fine, only the presentation could be more improved. Sukh Sanghera have directed the video, we expect much more from him. Music is by Ikwinder Singh and Lyrics are written by Garry Sandhu. Hope Garry will maintain the same league forward as his fans are always in wait to witness his new projects.