All the artists who have stardom have to face issues also because the people who follow them have an opinion too. With praise, the criticism also walks along and they have to cope up with this as they are called public figures. We are making you notice this because after peeping into social media, we gathered some comments which are on the post of famous singer cum actor ‘Gagan Kokri’. He has posted a video of his performance on which a person have commented something. That comments are showing his anger for Gagan Kokri and we tried to find out the reason behind it because Gagan Kokri have also reacted to it with his reply in the section.

The person is named ‘HarvinBhachu’ who has commented targeting Gagan and on that comment there are 16 replies to it from those one by our singer is ‘coz I follow grown up singers like DILJIT , BABBU MAAN bai , LAKHWINDER WADALI , KAMAL KHAN and many more who sing songs of KULDEEP MANAK , SURINDER KAUR , MOHD SADIQ and GURDASS MAAN on the stages so please convey this msg to them also mate 👍 Sitting home and typing comment doesn’t make u a judge 🤘🏻PAGG ik Syaane bande di nishani a always so grow up I guess’

The essential of all this matter is that an artist have also a right to answer a person because before being a public figure, they are also a person who are from the public only. Everyone has a opinion and the best part of it is that Gagan Kokri’s opinion anout ‘Pagg (Turban)’ is really impressive because he thinks who carries a turban on head is very wise and he is still not capable of it. Salute to his this kind of thinking and we hope people also understand the good or bad mindsets of the artist.