‘Sehar’ a punjabi movie is announced under the banner of Falak Film Production which has many new reasons to witness this movie. First reason is it’s name ‘Sehar’ meaning ‘Morning’ also it sounds something different from the latest movies. Sehar will be a story about a girl where suspense and thrill appeal will be generated. Another reason to witness this movie is it’s location of shoot which is ‘Budapest(Hungary)’  because it is the very first punjabi movie that will be shooted there as it is very difficult to facilitate all amenities for shooting there.Thus, only 15 days shoot will be done there rest will be done in Chandigarh and Mohali.Further, It has one more reason to witness i.e. VFX which will be in ratio of 40% that again is the first time in Punjabi Industry. 

Further talking about Onscreen crew of the movie, Sawan Rupowali is in the focus where story will revolves around her and Roshan Prince will be seen opposite to her. Also, Nav Bajwa will be there who will play the role of cop and Sara Gurpal will play the character of a Hippy Women along with them Dheeraj Kumar, Jaswant Rathore, Satwant Kaur and Nirmal Rishi will be there. 

Now talking about the OffScreen Crew, the Director and Producer of the movie is Sirajudin Ansari.  Hanish Lamba and Tarun Takshay is the Associate director with them Satya Singh Shanker is the Executive Producer and Manraj Rai is the Line Producer. Further, Director of Photography will be handled by Shaikh Dilshad and Nagendra A. Shukla and Shivi Sharma will be the Creative head. Moreover, Amrendra Srivastava will be the Project Designer and Kamal Husain Khan will be the Costume Designer.


Now how all these new element will align up and will serve something new to punjabi cinema. Also, it is confirmed from the DAAH Films sources that may be by the end of the project the name of the movie will be changed. Moreover, shooting is started in the Hungary as all of the crew has reached there.