The stories of ever-lasting love is always either read in stories or watched in movies. And Diljit Dosanjh’s new song titled ‘Pagal’ is all about this kind of love which is beyond life. A love that is passionate, a love that is dedicated, and a love that is devoted. This track, in the soulful voice of Diljit will transport you to an era that is non-existent today.

The lyrics of Babbu are so well jewelled by Goldboy’s music and Diljit’s voice. The concept and direction of Navjit Buttar is beautiful, though it does remind one of the Bollywood film Rishtey’s plot. Nevertheless, we are immediately taken to a typically English location and the song is just so misty in itself that it adds to the effect of it.

Give this song a listen and it will touch your soul for once. It is a happy as well a sad love song. The song ends with the beloved telling that she still listens to Gurdas Maan’s song because nothing else has ever impressed her since her lover left. A beautiful song it is and worth giving an ear to.