Elly Mangat is a punjabi singer who doesn’t need any introduction as his name Elly is enough. His songs have always given something eccentric to the audience. And this time he have something fresh for his fans as he choose his social media to surprise all of them . Elly has announced his upcoming album which will come in the form of series. In the poster we can see that all the title of songs are given and in the caption, he wroted that every Friday a new song will be dropped.

He is much geared up for this album as he is going to Rewind things. Befor him, Guri also tried aomething like this as he released his song on every 26th of months but now Elly Mangat is all set to release a single every coming Friday. The first song will be out on 19th April and then the series will begin. Wait for all the songs as he is really going to deliver something out of the box.

Also he have mentioned that not only audio but video of the song will also be released. Lets see now what new kind of concepts will be shown through these songs. So, as Elly is saying Get Ready!!