There is an unbreakable bond between punjabi cinema and comedy and if we talk about comedy then how can we forget about three gems of comedy; Binnu Dhillon, Jaswinder Bhalla and Gurpreet Ghuggi as they have always entertain us in a way or other. 

Their comedy has always been the reason of their popularity as they keep on posting various hilarious stuff on their social media. Recently, their ‘BONGA BROTHER’ videos are getting famous and popular. Who are ‘Bonga Brothers’? Is this any character or any group in any particular film? Who are they? Binnu Dhillon, Gurpreet Ghuggi and Jaswinder Bhalla posted two funny videos on their respective Instagram accounts with the caption “Lao ji bardasht karo Bonga Brothers di peshkash nu…” in which all of them sang old songs of bollywood like ‘yamma yamma & mera dil ye pukare aja’ in a very funny manner on the set of ‘Kudiye Lahore Diye’. 

People are not tolerating ( Bardasht ) but enjoying their video but this trio left us in suspense about ‘Bonga Brothers’, so let us tell you about this name; this is nothing but a name given to each other by this trio. By these videos we can assume that this trio not only entertain us on the professional and cinematic platform but also in personal life. As we can see their videos from the set of Kuriye Lahore diye, they shot these videos in their free time for the purpose to making people giggle. We hope that this trio always entertain their fans and viewers in this way and lets hope their film ‘Kudiye Lahore diye’ would also be as full of comedy as their videos.