People always ask for something different and Punjabi Cinema are now giving different content movies one after another. Similarly, one more movie is all set to release titled DSP Dev and recently it’s trailer got released under the banner of White Hill Music are we are here with the trailer review.

Talking about the trailer, this trailer is showing us the different sides of Dev Kharoud including Angry, Romantic and Funny. Starting of the trailer is from the briefing of Dev that what kind of policeman he is. Yes! Dev Kharoud is playing the character of DSP and this role suits him so much. In the trailer, Dev is doing romance, dance, action, drama and all the required aspect. This seems to be a story of a policeman who indulge himself in vanishing the criminals not the crime. Furthermore, Dev is in love with a girl and that girl is none other than Mehreen Pirzadaa who is a promising name in Tollywood Industry and she has made her Bollywood debut through the film ‘Phillauri’ and DSP Dev is first punjabi film. If we talk about her, she is looking stunning in her role as this role suits her very much but appreciating element of this trailer is neither Dev nor Mehreen but the villain of this film ‘Manav Vij’.

Yes! He has snatched all the limelight from his tremendous acting skills as his character is looking powerful and applauding and we can say that after seeing him in the trailer he will prove himself as one of the best villain of punjabi cinema. We have seen Manav Vij in various punjabi films before but in this film he is looking fabulous and we can easily see it by acting skills. From a druggist to a gangster he is literally doing justice with his intense expression. 

Moreover, one coin always has two sides as one side of the trailer is looking really amazing but if we compare this film with the last movie of Dev Kharoud then we can say that Blackia had more appealing audio effects than this film because in Blackia audio effects of that film was helping the actions in emerging out and that is missing in DSP Dev.  In addition, we have seen funny side of Dev in his movie ‘Kakka Ji’ couldn’t do well and what we have to see now is how Dev will manage to show his comic side with this film.