Love is the most beautiful and positive feeling amongst all as it makes your life more beautiful and make the aura around you more loving but the value of love is only realised when we don’t have it. Similar circumstances happened with the Ardab Mutiyaran as new realeased song of the movie explains the grievance that they are facing because of the distance created between their beloved.

The song is released under the label of White Hill Music in association with TowChain Motion Pictures to which lyrics are penned by Harmanjeet and voice is given by Manpreet. Further, Music to the voice of Manpreet is given by Cheetah. The lyrics of the song are soft and polite as it explains about the true value of love. However, this song is completely different from the last released content as it explains about feminism and women empowerment along with gender equality. 

Furthermore, video of the song explains the lyrics well as Sonam and Ajay seems to be sad because they both are away from each other and that separation realises them about their love towards other and make them to understand the true value of love. Also, every moment around them give them flashbacks about their happy time each other. On the other side, the closeness between Ninja and Mehreen Pirzada increases as Mehreen realises the true value of Ninja which at first she didn’t know as she was jealous of him.

Now what we have to see that how the story will connect the Ardabness along with this twist of love together as they are two opposite attitudes. Even, will this difference between Sonam and Ajay will end. Also, will Mehreen will realises the true value of Ninja. All this will be clear sooner as movie will hit the theatres on 18yh October’19.