“Tusi Jhoothi Khabar La Hi Deni Hundi Aaa” today this dialogue of ‘Parmish Verma’ has created sensation. Yes, very true, last year he witnessed something very harsh and this bullet was not only shot to Parmish, but it injured all his fans.

Actually, Parmish Verrma was shot by Dilpreet Baba, which shocked all whether from industry or outside. Later on the culprit  ‘Dilpreet Baba’ was caught but the truth he spoke in his defense was much more bitter. He told that Mr.Verma made him did some illegal tasks for which he was not paid. Although, he called for money many times but when he dint got anything he later on took this step. The biggest question, which remains buried, is that what kind of work did Parmish asked Dilpreet to do? Is there any relation between Parmish Verma and this Gangster really? Why this kind of ignorance and rude behaviour with media if Parmish is really innocent?

While coming back from a show at Jalandhar, Parmish was questioned by a reporter regarding reason for his avoidance to media and the truth behind this gangster statement and an answer to these allegations but Alas! Mr Verma lost his temper. Well, don’t prove old saying true Mr. Verma that there is no smoke without fire. It is the work pf media to ask questions and bring out the real truth for the viewers but if you will not cooperate with media how will they portray their Singham innocent?