‘Diljit Dosanjh’ recently presented the video of his second track ‘Thug Life’ on 6th January that is on his birthday. His first track ‘Gulabi Pagg’ from same album ‘ROAR’ has already penned a success.

The audio of the song came quiet earlier than the video and has been much liked by folks. Thug life video could not impress us much. Video is pictured on dance sequences but the female lead in the song seems as a forceful addition. As such there is no story. It seems only sequences are chained one after the other. When we witness par meaningful videos and even lot many experiments are made in our industry, then such kind of video astonishes. Well enjoyment and fun is sighted in video but to understand that one has to put hard efforts. Diljit is the main attraction in the video but if he is not in frame then nothing will be left to watch of and we don’t think that anyone will see this video if he is not there.

But yes, fans expected more from Diljit when it comes to cinematography. The audio has already turned a hit and it has been pictured on demand. Moreover when such big names have collaborated for video, something extraordinary was expected. It turns more challenging to fulfill the demand with full responsibility. Directors do have to understand that lot many dancers doesn’t make any video big. There should be some punch, some story but all such elements were missing in this video. We were also very eagerly waiting with our viewers for this video but after watching this video all our hopes were shattered.

Talking of song credits then the song is released under the label of Famous studios and is sung beautifully by ‘Diljit Dosanjh’. Ranbir singh pens the song. Jatinder Shah gives the music. Harry Singh Preet Singh does video.

One thing which all will admit that whenever Diljit come on screen big explosion occurs but when something like this happens then it couldn’t be digested.