‘Dil Jatt Te’ is a new song blowing folks released under a new album which is titled Ripple Music Studios. Although it is the first album came under Ripple Music studios yet they have done it so professionally that they entered the stream with one of the biggest collaboration. Arvindr khaira is a brand today. No one can deny of the fact that he excels in video Direction, his videos are always out of the box. Dr Zeus again a very big name. He is renowned music director. His music is always a sensation. Young generation follows him with craze.

Jass Bajwa is also influencing the youth. He is a good singer with dynamic personality. Gurlez Akhtar is again a prominent name in industry and has delivered many beautiful tracks. If we talk of this song it is a sweet blend of tradition and modernization. This song gives us the beautiful feeling old melodies at the same time.

Even the few words used specially kept in mind the diction so that to keep it more near Punjabia Lavish sets used which makes video more titivated. The creative par is also very strong. The video is so well executed that makes it captivating. In less than two days there are more than 2 Million views. The first video track of Ripple Music Studios has set a fire. Might be after seeing such a splendid response soon we will be having another video from Ripple Music Studios.