Punjabi cinema is full packed with punjabi films and every artist is busy in their current projects. Similarly, Rajvir Jawanda is also set with his upcoming film ‘Jind Jaan’ and it’s trailer got released today and we can predict that this film could be the journey of a simple singer and a rich spoiled girl. 

Trailer of the film got released under the banner of Zee Music Company and if we talk about the trailer then we can say that Rajvir Jawanda is playing the role of Simple man who is a singer and even he respects music while on the other hand Sara Sharmaa is playing the character of a spoiled rich girl who has a lot of pride on her money and she thinks that everything can be purchase with money. furthermore, this movie has got entertainers like Jaswinder Bhalla, Upasana Singh & Harby Sangha and we’ve seen Jaswinder & Upasana in earlier movies too and they proved themselves too. There is one more thing which is new in this trailer and that is the actions of Rajvir Jawanda as we haven’t seen him in aggressive way but we this trailer is depicting us that too. Overall, trailer of the film has twist and turns and these twist and turns could only seen on June 14. 

In addition, Jind Jaan will be sharing screens with another punjabi film ‘Munda Faridkotia’ as this movie is also going to release on the same date. Despite of Box Office clash we can say that punjabi films are releasing one after another and our industry is growing. Let’s hope for the best and DAAH Films wishes teams of both the films very best.