Punjabi cinema is indeed experimenting with the genres and subject matter these days. A number of films that have been announced and released this year have been quite different from the usual comedy and marriage theme. Teg Productions, one of the leading production houses, has announced a film titled Chidi Udd Kaa Udd. The first poster of the film has been shared and from the title and looks of it, it seems like it will have connection with childhood and the traditions of the past.

Upcoming film Aate di Chidi is also a presentation of Teg Productions and it revolves around the lost cultures and practices of the past and will take us back to the Punjab that used to be rangla. Chidi Udd Kaa Udd is being written by Raju Verma, also the writer of Aate di Chidi.

This film will be releasing in 2019 on October 2.