The proud bachelor boy of Punjabi music industry is back with yet another peppy dance number full of unrealism and illogic.

Parmish Verma’sChirri Udd Kaa Udd’ has been released today and we are still guessing if there is any concept or story in the song or if it is just another song talking about Gaddi and Naddi. The teaser of the song was released on August 20 and Parmish has since then been, like other singers, trying to create a hype amongst his fans regarding his song by asking them about the release date of the song or by asking them about whether or not they liked the teaser.

So, whether the hype and wait were worth it? Well, we can go on and on about it but to suffice it all, this song is just a dream song, where Parmish wishes for money, cars, brands, casinos and to top it all, a Wonder Woman!

We are still wondering about the role of a Chirri and a Kaa in this song. The only relation the title of this song has to its meaning is the minute role of a little adorable kid in the video. This song is nothing about childhood. If its anything about, it is just a wishful thinking of a brat requesting to God to grant him all the comforts and luxuries of the world.

Well, we hope Bill Gates and Trump will be excited to have a mention in this song.