Punjabi cinema is giving movies one after another and people usually predicts every possible thing which would be going to happen in film through their posters and released content. Similarly, poster of one such movie is now released named ‘Unni Ikki’ and this film has got a different title itself. 

Talking about title, this film has got a unique title ‘Unni Ikki’, we usually use this phrase in order to measure a very minor difference between two elements. What we have to see now is what this difference is all about ? Whether it’s about standard of living between two people or any other because after looking at the poster we can predict that Sawan Rupowali is a girl who’s wearing punjabi suits while Jagjeet Sandhu is wearing modern clothes. This means, Sawan could be a simple girl with ethics and values while Jagjeet Sandhu could a stud. How they will fall in love with each other must be really interesting. 

Furthermore, any film must be incomplete without twist and turns, in poster we can clearly see two twisted elements. One is Karamjit Anmol and other one is Nirmal Rishi. Karamjit seems to be a NRI from his attire in the poster. Maybe he’s Canada return and Nirmal Rishi is looking strict as she was in her previous films. Now what role this NRI and Daadi will be playing in love story of both Sawan and Jagjeet, must be compelling to watch but it is said that don’t judge a book by it’s cover maybe story of this film could be more interesting, this can only be revealed after the release of the film. 

Overall, this film would be a laughter ride too with a twist of love story because star cast like Karamjit Anmol, Jagjeet Sandhu and we have seen their comic side in many films. Furthermore, Jagjeet Sandhu is in lead role for the very first time and people have appreciated his roles in his previous films, in fact he’s a theatre artist and he knows how to improvise his character in what way. What we have to see now is how this guy would live up to expectations of people because people have a lot of expectations from his acting skills. We hope that trailer of this film could be released as soon as possible because audience are waiting for this film.