Can you eat ‘Dal Chawal’ everyday? No right? Sometime we need ‘Chicken or Shahi Paneer or something exotic’ for a change. Similarly, we cannot watch same movies in Punjabi Cinema as we need differentiation in movies and when we talk about differentiated content then one name which always come in our minds is Dev Kharoud. Dev is back with his out of the box picture ‘Blackia’ which will remind us the time of 70’s.

You must be wondering, why this movie is different? Because every other artist is busy in making comedy films, films on Viyaah and similar content movies but Blackia will be different as it will remind us the time of 70’s. Their look, attire, actions and all the aspects are making us curious for this movie. In Pollywood, there are very rare movies that are made on this kind of concepts like smuggling, underworld & gold rush but Dev Kharoud and Ohri production has made this movie ‘Blackia’ and giving us something out of the league.

Furthermore, we have seen Dev Kharoud’s earlier movies like Dakuaan Da Munda, Rupinder Gandhi & many more. These movies were the hit and people are now expecting a lot from Blackia as trailer of this movie is getting appreciation and in fact people are also praising title track of the movie too. Overall, we can say that this blend of actions, 70’s looks, underworld, smuggling and all the aspects are making this film a worth watch. If you really want to watch something different and worth then this movie will be for you surely.