Another song ‘DISCO’ of the movie  Uda Aida is released today and it got viral in no time and why not? There are various reasons for a person to like it. As we all know that this movie is all about binding ourselves with our roots while moving towards modernisation.  Similarly, this song also giving us the same message.

The main line of this song is ‘Bhangre naa dekhi ajj chibb kadne, disco teri ta baithi mathe tekugi’ which clearly shows us the proud of a punjabi on his cultural dance that he could challenge any other or western dance form. The trailer of the movie also giving us the same message that no matter how attractive the westernisation is but our roots and culture are unbeatable. 

Another reason of liking this song is the Bhangra of Tarsem Jassar & Neeru Bajwa, we have seen dance of Neeru Bajwa many times before but we have never seen Tarsem Jassar dancing before but in this song he’s doing Bhangra so well that we couldn’t take off our eyes from him. ‘Oh kehnde ne na ki bhangre to door ik Punjabi kade ni reh sakda’.  We can say, this can only be possible in the direction Ksshitij Chaudhary and under the banner of Friday Russh Motion Pictures. 

If you are waiting for a meaningful and realistic film so this would be a right choice for you. Movie is releasing on 1st Februrary’19 in theatres and we expect that this movie would be as good as its songs.