Our Music industry has gone so far and so is the competition but there is a thin line between healthy and ugly competition and we cannot even decide which one is prevailing in this industry. Recently, Badshah has released a song ‘Paagal’ and it has crossed 74+ million views on youtube and it has become the most viewed video within 24 hours in the whole world but people are getting crazy and they are commenting that these views are not organic but they are fake. 

Yes! Despite of being happy, people are commenting various comments like ‘How can it be possible’ ,’This is all fake’, ‘next time better you buy likes too’ and many more comments like this. People are even commenting that ‘What kind of lyrics is this’ moreover they are not even happy with the song as they are calling the song disgusting and rubbish and using the lyrics by saying ‘Jo log gana sun rahe hai Pagal hai Pagal hai’, ‘Itne sare views YouTube pagal hai pagan hai’. They have some point or not? It is unto the perception because if we compare the facts that in accordance to views, like are ay more less. How can even it be possible? We don’t know that is true and what is not but what we know is that people are quite unhappy with this song. 

Furthermore, Badshah posted a story in response to all these comments n which he has said that “Is it even worth it? We worked hard for this, promoted it worldwide and some people call fake views are not fake views. They are google ad words. Its a way of promoting your video, we bought as words all around the world so people could see the video all around the world. Made a global video. I don’t want people abroad to see India like it is shown in a film like slum dog millionaire. We are at par with the world. And its our time to shine. And what we get in return. My own people are ashamed? Because of the lyrical content? Do you even know what daddy yankee raps about in despacito, worlds highest viewed song, that you don’t mind shaking your as**s to in the clubs. And you think my lyrics are bad? You think artist abroad don’t get paid promotions? Are you so naive? I don’t want to be the one with highest views, but someone has to be. I tried and I did it. Get over it.” By this reply we can predict that Badshah is so frustrated from his own fans and people because we have never seen Badshah so pissed off. 

In addition, we can say that we people can only predict the matter but we are unaware about the reality. So if it’s genuine views then we congratulate Badshah for such achievement and if it’s not then we can only leave it to the people for judgement