Veteran singer and actor Babbu Maan is bringing for his fans a song that he has dedicated for his truck driver punjabi brothers all over the world. Babbu Maan’s tremendous fan following is known by all and its is a fact that he is loved by people of all ages and that indeed is a true sign of a wonderful artist like him.

He shared on his social media that he will soon be bringing a song for all the truck drivers. It is known by all that truck drivers in India as well as abroad drive for most part of their day and night to earn their bread and butter. Well, it will definitely be a treat for all those Punjabi men who will now get to listen to Babbu Maan’s song while they are driving their trucks.

From Babbu Maan’s photos stick on the cars and dhabas in Punjab, his fan base and popularity is huge, owing to his singing and his being rooted to Punjabi culture. This song, we are sure will be loved by his fans. A few lines that he shared go as follows and they are truly so relatable,

“Raatan de raahi haan, sadkan naal yaari hai

Ek peedh hai dardan di, Ek hijar khumaari hai”