Babbu Maan is once again all set to bang the silver screen with his much-awaited movie Banjara – TheTruck Driver. The trailer of movie has been launched but yet seems struggling to make an impact on audience. Undoubtedly, the fans of Babbu Maan love him to the moon and back but as far as the trailer of movie is concerned its not eye-catching. As we all know that Punajbi Film industry is well established and has maintained high standards will this movie be able to outstand or standout?

The female leads in the movie are Shraddha Arya, Jia Mustafa and Sarah Khatri their work is not much showcased in the trailer lets wait for final results once the movie is released. The well named star Rana Ranbir whose acting skills always set a benchmark even his acting skills are not properly utilized in the trailer. Even the dialogue part of the flick seems to be weak.

As we are told that three generations will hit the screen and it’s a realistic movie of a common man the first generation is cleared but the rest two are confusing overall it makes it bit puzzling. There are three generations in the movie and are played by the main lead. But the well-founded fact is that there not much required treatment given to the characters. There are no special changes in looks of last two generations even as far as sardar ji character played by Babbu Maan shows the lack of homework of make-up team.

As far as the music is concerned it doesn’t seems to be much impressive. The standard of Babbu Maan is much higher and the same implies on the expectations of fans from this big star. The matter of concern for investors is that the releasing date of the movie is 7th of December but the same day “Sushant singh Rajput and Sara ali khan starrer movie Kedarnath“ is going to hit the floor now with this high level of competition & pressures with such weaknesses will be a Commercial success?

Well this is only a trailer movie has yet to come and lets wait & watch if the strange connection in the movie turns to be miraculous. We all keep ours fingers crossed and wait for release.