When we talk about fan following in our Pollywood Industry so no star can match the level of Babbu Maan as he is highly famous in his fans and people not only love him but also see him as their role model. Recently, he has posted a post on social media and asked his fans to send tattoo and other pictures on given numbers.

From past days, he’s been posting pictures of their fans who inked themselves with his name and list of his followers is not at all easy to count but now he posted a picture in which he wrote ‘ Kisi vi sajjan mittar ne ya meri bhen ne permanent tattoo banwaya hoya ya cars te tractor, truck te photos a te niche ditte hoye number te bhejyo te photos de naal apna naam, number te address jaroor bhejyo’ . Is he planning something? Is he upto something? because it is nothing new in this industry where singers call their fans for featuring song videos. In fact, he is giving shoutout to his fans who got inked with his name but posting this post has made his fans happy.

Furthermore, Babbu Maan knows how to make his fans happy whether with acting, songs or such kind of attempts. Lets hope that this would be something big and appealing for his fans because expectations from Maan Saab is as high as his list of fans.