Patience is the hardest part of life and when that patience is because of wait for a movie then it will be more difficult and especially when that movie has generated curiosity that how a single film will deliver a message along with romance and comedy element altogether. Yes! we are talking about ‘Ardab Mutiyaran’ to whom ‘JUST 4 DAYS ARE LEFT TO GO’.

Ardab Mutiyaran is the movie of the week as it is in limelight from so long due to it’s released content because it has generated interest as this movie is a full package of entertainment. In this movie, the Ardab character of Sonam Bajwa will be seen through which she will deliver a message to girls and society too that how girls are complete in themselves when it comes to gender equality and other comparisons with different gender. Also, she is explaining the true meaning of feminism and women empowerment which is misunderstood these days.

Further, it will also be a family entertainment as comedy stars like Sudesh Lehri, BN Sharma and Upasana Singh will be seen who will generate comedy flavour in the movie that will take audience to laughter rides. Moreover, the romance will be felt that will give the essence of real life relationships as from trailer and songs released it is visible that Ardab couples are making love and fighting with each other in the same manner as it happens in real life of relationships so it is not edited for reel life.

In addition to this, it is also forwarding punjabi cinema towards modern punjabi cinema where they are giving respect to this fact that it is not only punjabi that is spoken in Punjabi society but there are families that has their first language Hindi in Punjab. Thus, Manav Shah(Director) has carried this fact alongside that Hindi language must be considered. Hence we can say again an element to maintain the essence to give the real life essence to movie is there. 

Now how director has synced all these element and to what extent he will be able to let audience to connect themselves with these ‘Ardab Mutiyaran’, real life essences and at end what message they will carry along with them from the theatres. 

Just to get the glimpse of their ‘Ardabness’ watch DAAH Films Interview of Sonam.